How to play

Big wheel, roulette & blackjack
Some of the Casino Games on offer at Wild Diamonds Events.

How to play the games that are on offer at a Wild Diamonds event.


General Casino guidelines.

At the start of the night you will be given a fun money note to play at the tables.  For those who have not been to a casino before, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff about anything to do with the games.  The money is changed at the table by the dealer for playing chips.  The chips can then be played on the tables as detailed by the rules of the games.

All of our games are $25.00 minimum and usually no maximum, so the sky is the limit when if comes to winning.  At the end of the night, players are asked to return their chips to the tables so a count can be done to determine the winner for the night.  There are two types of chips.  Colour chips are on the Roulette and Money wheel tables and are used to give players an individual colour so they know where their bets are when playing multiple bets.  Poker and Blackjack do not require these colour chips as each player has their own playing area.  The second type of chip is what are called “cash chips”, or “value chips”.  These chips have the value on them, and can be played at any table.


All of the tables have drink holders (silver cups) so please use them to hold your glass, can or stubby.  The tables are also equipped with chip racks to place your chips so they don’t get dropped.

The main rule to adhere to is to have fun.

Please click on the pictures of the games for a detailed explanation of the rules and how to play.



Wild Diamonds Blackjack
Blackjack table with cards fanned ready to start dealing.


Roulette table and roulette wheel
Roulette Table ready to go.

Money Wheel

Casino Money Wheel
Money Wheel, sometimes called Big Wheel, or Big Six


Wild Diamonds Poker
Poker table with cards fanned ready to start dealing.