FAQ frequently asked questions about Wild Diamonds Fun Casino parties and events. If you have any other questions, please contact us via the contacts page.

1. Why should we use Wild Diamonds Fun Casino instead of the others?

This is probably the most important question as you will only get one chance to get your function right.

Prior to setting up our own business, we worked with some of the other Fun Casino companies as sub contractors.  It was sometimes quite embarrassing to be associated with thier rundown equipment.  Even worse, some of them were using small toy wheels and light plastic chips which you can buy in many gift & toy shops. We have made note of all the things that we felt we not totally professional with other businesses and have learned from their mistakes.

Our attention to detail is probably what sets us apart.  The owners of Wild Diamonds Fun Casino are personally involved in every fun casino job and make every effort to be the dealers on the night.  Some of the othe fun casino businesses have a dealer run the job without ever meeting the client or seeing the venue and doing a site check.

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino has liability insurance of $20 million which is double our competitors.

We have spent a lot of money on equipment that is as close to a real casino as you will get without being in one.  With authenic heavy weight casino chips and real dealers, you will get the professional service that you expect.  Our tables have been custom made to our design and are the only tables in Australia of this type.  They are very attractive furniture pieces that will complement any function with any theme.  We have designed these tables also to be as easy as possible for the dealers to work with.  If the dealers can’t function properly they can’t run a smooth game.  We believe we are the only fun casino company that has the chip collection lip on our roulettes, which makes a huge difference to our ability to deal.  We also have 9 player boxes on our Blackjacks to give more players a chance to participate.  As we write this, we have our local Sunshine Coast furniture maker designing more tables with further improvements.

If another company are covering their table legs with a curtain then they are probably just using a trestle table from Bunnings with a layout over it.  That is something you could do yourself, why pay someone else.  It is also going to be very rocky when you have 10+ people leaning on it.  You get what you pay for, but sometimes saving a few dollars could ruin your whole event.  You will only be remembered for your last event irrispective of how well previous ones went.

We have had complements from many dealers saying that we have the best equipment they have worked on, and many of our dealers have also worked for our competition.

We will always strive to be the best and give you a diamond class event, you can bet on that!!.



Can I just rent the casino tables from you?

No. We do not rent the casino tables, the equipment is designed to be used by qualified croupiers with the correct dealing skills. If somebody who does not know what they are doing are dealing on our casino tables they cannot maintain a smooth flowing game. Your guests will most likely become bored with the slowness and possibly agitated at the constant mistakes and lack of knowledge of how the real casino games are dealt.

Our equipment is not always easy to get, we cannot risk having it misued and damaged.  Even worse is if something was to be misused causing injury.

Guests who see somebody behind tables with our logo on may think that they are our staff and have the incorrect opinion that we are unskilled. We do however allow our guest to have a deal under our supervision during our events.  Our dealers will deal and entertain at the same time to ensure it is a “Fun Casino”.  Our reputaion is our #1 asset.


Can we combine a Fun casino with other entertainment?

The Fun Casino works well with a meal, buffet, finger food or just a few simple snacks but there are many other additional possibilities. For a more elaborate evening you can combine other entertainment such as a singer, a band, dancing, a cabaret, or a disco etc.
A band or DJ would need to be set up away from the casino tables, or with music volume maintained at a reasonable level, at least whilst the Fun Casino games are being dealt.  This is because the games require communication between the croupier and the players which cannot be maintained if the music is too loud.
We can also (at additional cost) provide Las Vegas girls who can do a dance show just prior to the fun casino opening.


Can we play with real money at a Fun Casino?

Strictly, NO. It is illegal to play with real money at any Fun Casino.  There are huge penalties for both the Fun casino operater and the venue, so please don’t ask as the answer will be no.

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino will supply ‘fun money” which is either generic or custom fun money if you have paid for a package.  This is the only currency accepted at our tables.  Please see below for some examples.

Wild Diamonds Fun Money
Wild Diamonds Fun Casino fun money. This is the back of all fun money we supply.
Wild Diamonds Fun money cocktail
Wild Diamonds customised Fun money for female
Wild Diamonds Fun Money surfer
Wild Diamonds Fun Casino Money surfer.
Wild Diamonds Fun Casino James Bond Fun Money
Wild Diamonds Fun Casino James Bond Fun Money. We have many versions of James Bond money to choose from.
Fun money Homer Simpson
Wild Diamonds Fun money Homer Simpson body for a fun Buck’s night or birthday party.
Wild Diamonds Fun Money for Corporate Events
Wild Diamonds Fun Money for Corporate Events. Your Logo on money of any colour for any event.


Do I get a refund if the party ends early?

No.  All of our events are based upon a 3 hour minimum. Times are agreed upon and an acceptance is signed before the event takes place.

Do I need a licence to hold a fun casino?

No, Wild Diamonds Fun Casino is an entertainment company. If the event is a fundraiser charity event, you need to be a registered charity which may involve getting a permit (this may vary depending on the charity).You can not make a personal gain from any funds raised, and the sole reason for attending is not to win a prize of any value (we supply a trophy).

If you are hiring our fun casino for a wedding, corporate event or party and it is not a fundraiser then it is simply a case of booking and paying for the event hire.


How does a Fun Casino fundraiser work?

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino is happy to work with non-profit charity groups for help raise money for worthy causes. A Fun casino fundraiser is a great way to entertain your guests whilst raising some much needed funds for your cause. We will do all in our power to maximize your fundraising efforts. Please see our separate ‘Fundraising’ page for some ideas.
An entry fee to an event can be charged.  There are strict regulations to abide by, but they are easy to sort.
We would like to note that it is against the law to allow your guests to purchase or win money or valuable prizes based on the outcome of the Casino tables.  An auction can be held alongside the Fun casino games, but should be independent of the games.  Raffles can also be held whilst the games are being dealt.

How far in advance do I need to book my party?

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino will do its best to accommodate your needs no matter when you contact us.  We have a large supply of equipment and staff.  We can staff multiple events on the same night.  It is rare that we have to turn down events due to lack of resources, but obviously, the sooner you know the date of your event, the better it is to guarantee availability. Holiday periods, November / December and Friday and Saturday nights, are the most in demand and 3 to 6 months is not too early to guarantee availability. Don’t forget that your venues also get booked early during the holiday season.


How long does a party last?

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino can offer you a 3 hour event. This should be outside the time allocated for dinner, awards, presentations, and other activities that might take place during your event.  Casino play normally ends 10-15 minutes before the designated ‘close’ time in order to allow time for players to cash in their chips and be awarded the trophy.

How Many Tables Should I Have?

As a guide we would recommend 2 tables per 30 – 40 guests depending on whether there is additional entertainment occurring at the same time as the Fun Casino is operating and also the size of the venue. Remember that depending on your group, not everyone may want to play at the same time and that some will possibly not play for the whole session, thus making way for other waiting players.

If you have any doubts about table numbers we would be happy to discuss this and offer our advice.


How much does it cost?

The cost is based upon a number of factors, including the number and type of tables that you have at your event, whether or not your event is longer than 3 hours, and whether or not it is located within the Sunshine Coast/North Brisbane area.  Please use our contact page to obtain a price indication, and when details are determined, Wild Diamonds Fun Casino can provide you with a price quote. Our rates are very competitive, but entertaining your guests is priceless!


I thought casinos were illegal in Qld. Are we breaking the law to have a casino party?

No.  Our events are perfectly legal because we do not play for ‘real’ money.  We provide you with ‘fun money’ that you give to your guests.  They exchange that for an equivalent amount of chips that can be used at any table.  At the close of the casino, players turn in their chips and have bragging rights regarding their winnings. Fun casinos are run for entertainment purposes only, the important consideration being that there is no real money used when playing the casino games. We are paid a fixed fee for our services and your guests are attending a private function.

Is there a minimum number of tables I must have?

No.  At Christmas time we are very busy & have a minimum of 2 tables in November and December for Fridays & Saturdays. Other days and times of year can be one table.


It’s different, will a Fun Casino be something people will enjoy?

In our experience, a Wild Diamonds fun casino is an evening which will leave your guests talking for a long time. It’s authentic and glamorous, and the fact that people are not gambling with real money is what makes it so enjoyable. As this type of entertainment is interactive guests are able to get fully involved and it’s a great ice breaker if you have separate groups of people. It is very different to other types of entertainment but can work well with other forms of entertainment.  For example a Great Gatsby night might have out casino tables with a 1920’s thgeme and a jazz band playing to the side.


Should I tip the Fun Casino dealers?

You may, but It is not customary to tip in Australia.  Our Fun Casino dealers are all friendly and outgoing and they work to ensure that your guests have an enjoyable casino experience.  If you feel that a dealer has been extrordinary in their service to you, you are welcome to reward them personally or as a group.  This can be anything from a monetary reward to a drink after the fun casino has finished.


What do I need to supply to hold a Fun Casino event?

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino supplies the luxury tables including delivery and set up, professional croupiers, ‘fun money’ and other agreed theming. We also provide a “Red carpet entrance”  complete with gold bollards and red ropes, or a “Blue carpet entrance” with silver bollards and blue ropes. Please provide 10 chairs if you have hired a Poker table, otherwise all you need to provide is your chosen venue and your guests. We will need a parking space within reasonable distance to the area the Fun Casino is to held and of course reasonable access.


What games do you offer?

Wild Diamonds fun casino offers all of the popular casino games, i.e. Blackjack, Roulette, Money Wheel (sometimes called big wheel or Chocolate wheel) and Texas Hold’em Poker (or several other types of poker by prior negotiation).


What if I want to extend the party at the last minute?

Dependant on staff availability, you may request to extend your party for an additional hour only for 25% of the contract price. Any longer times would need to be pre-booked, and may include a short break.

What if my guests don’t know how to play? Will they have fun at a casino party?

Yes.  Our professional, friendly dealers are skilled and more than willing to teach the games to your guests.  It’s a great time for people to learn and practice because “it’s not real money!”


What if we don’t have a venue for our Fun casino?

We can often suggest a venue (or several) that may be suitable if we are given a brief outline of your requirements i.e. room size, type of food required (if any), location etc.

There are many venues that we have dealt with, of various sizes. We can offer you a venue with BYO or a cruise or just a local club or pub function room. If you give us an idea of location and number of guests we can then give you some options.  Please see our venues page on this website.  We provide pictures in many cases of a fun casino set up within the venue.

We have worked at many venues arount the Sunshine Coast and can offer a variation of Sunshine Coast venues with great service and food. We have worked in many venues around Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well.


When do you set up and take down the equipment?

Wild Diamonds Fun Casino staff will coordinate set up time with you or your venue prior to the arrival of your guests. We will discreetly load out at the end of the casino event.


Where should I have my party?

You will need a space large enough to accommodate the number of tables and people that you are planning.  A party can be held at home or in an event centre or other venue. They can be held indoors or outdoors, but outdoor events need a backup plan in case of inclement weather. To accommodate table and players allow 3m x 2.5m for a Blackjack table, and 4m x 2.5m for a Roulette or Poker table. The Money Wheel is same size as a Blackjack table, but will neet to be out from the wall an extra 1.5 m to allow for the wheel behind the dealer.


Will you come to my house? If so, does it cost extra?

We will come to your house.  There is no extra charge as long as you live within the Sunshine Coast / Brisbane area.


Will you travel outside the Sunshine Coast / Brisbane area?

Yes, please call or email to discuss if we can look after you event.